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[20 Jun 2004|05:05pm]
Ahh..and here I am again in Livejournal land. Blah.

The last two shows were really fuckin' awesome. I forgot the one before this last one, but I do remember that I was dancing with Cutter. She's such a nice girl. I hope her teeth feel better. The show last night fuckin' shredded. LGA played a KILLER set, even with lacking bass. I admit that the PA was too loud, and my ears were killing me. After LGA, Reckless Deerhunters stepped up to the mic and played an incredibly boring set, to my dismay. I don't know if I'm the only one that's noticing that their new songs are...terrible. They're redundant, dull, and too slow. I'm really disappointed cause of that. No Fucker came on and blew me away. They played a really short, fast, LOUD AS ALL FUCKING HELL set. I was so incredibly diggin' them. I hope I can go to the show tonight. I would love to see them again. Mmmm mmmm.

After the show Eric and I went to Dan's house last night and watched some crazy movie with Reese Witherspoon in it. And she actually kicked ass. Literally. And Dan fell asleep. Dan is a fag. Hahaha. Nah, he drives the meat wagon all day. I'll give him credit for that. He's good people. He gave me some drugs. Not really. Just some Excedrin.

Then, Eric and I went to my sister's(asshole) house and smoked some really good pot. I thought I was in an old world theater, hahaha.

I really need to watch the Led Zeppelin DVD.

Dave was hot last night. So was Cameron.

JesusIsAGimpyJoo: Do you move in any particular direction
capretto pelosso: haha. never
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: Haha
capretto pelosso: i forget the lyrics
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: And you don't make no collections?
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: You want me to jooooin together?
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: Hahaha!!!
capretto pelosso: WITH THE BAND
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: :DD
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: We are such dorks
capretto pelosso: i embrace it
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: As do I my friend

I miss Missy so much.

Aaron: 1 800 ADMIT IT.

I miss Charlotte so fucking much. I really need to send her a letter, but I don't know where she is!!! >:o!!!1

Alyssa called me today, and it was really fucking funny talking to her. Alyssa call me again really soon, I have to talk to you about something really important. Okay? Thanks.

Erin should come to the show next weekend. Because I just don't see her enough.

Cody is a very squeezable person.

I miss Jenna and Christina so much. :(

Hey MARLENE! How's your brother and his lotion? ;) For real. Haha, how'd everything go with that?

Okay, that's all.
P.S. I hate Checkers.
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[09 May 2004|12:02pm]
Wow. Been a long time since I updated. A lot has happened. The last three saturdays have been really killer.

The all day show was so great. I'm sorry I missed LGA. But I did NOT miss RunnAmucks. Which might I say, KILLED FUCKING DEAD. Very good band. One of the best shows I've seen them play. I wasn't present for Albuterol Brigade. Justin tells me they were pretty awesome. Aaron was there. It was nice to see him.

I don't remember the show before that.

The show this weekend was awesome. Nick, your band played really really well. I was really nervous for you guys. But you did an awesome job. Keep it going. I got to see Helen. I love Helen ;). Reckless Deerhunters played as well, and they were pretty fucking awesome. Poor Scott, he always looks like he's gonna die while playing drums. Tiger! Tiger! played, and man, I didn't know what to think about that. I thought it was pretty awesome though. I saw some bitch I haven't seen in a year. I really thought I was gonna see Miguel there tonight. But no show.

I saw Diamond David last night, and that's always an enjoyable experience, because not only is he hot, he's funny. Herb was there too, and he's fucking crazy. He's no telephone masturbator, he's a video camera masturbator. Haha. He's good people though.


Eric is in St. Pete. He's a fagtard. Dan got robbed last night, and I feel bad about that. I'm gonna make him a card.

Aaron thinks I'm a retard cause I never wanna have sex. I apologize now, and I'm never talking about it with you again, porkchop.

I'm gonna paint Dave a picture.

Zach...is Zach.

I miss Helen.

And Charlotte. I love Charlotte more than chocolate.

The end.
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[04 Apr 2004|02:30pm]

The show last night fucking ROCKED. The whole fucking room was moving. The lead singer for Vitamin X was crowd surfing. MSP rocked my fucking ASS.

I love Cameron's wiggly ass
Dave, you had on such pretty pannies.
I love you guys in LGA.

I can't even put into too many words how awesome it was. All I can say is, I broke a couple of toes, and I think I fractured my foot. They hurt like hell today, and I have nice bruises on my side.

Thanks for ramming Dave into me, Jeff. >:| :)

That's all. I'm definitely spent.

P.S. If you missed, I have a lot of sympathy for you. But don't forget, next weekend is Black Bloc and MSP! DON'T FUCKING MISS IT! YOU'LL REGRET IT!
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[27 Mar 2004|10:50pm]
Spyderpunkpm5k: i see
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: You don't see
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: YOU DON'T SEE
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: You blind as a bat motherFUCKER
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: :D
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: I <3 j00
Spyderpunkpm5k: hehe

That's blind love son, that's blind love. LUHV. God damnit I wish I were stoned. Anyways.

Two fucking days of partying harty. Not really.

Spring Break, you have for the most part treated me like shit, I banish you.

I didn't do shit til yesterday. No fair.

Friday, I went to the Unseen and The Virus. Some other random band was there. Don't remember the name. Aaron! HEADS UP! What the hell was the name of that band? I saw them, too. Oh, and I walk in, I'm standing there bobbin' my head a good few minutes, I look over, and who do I see standing there actin' like a crazy mofo!? JUSTIN! That bitch is back from JAMAICA. Where he smoked so much dank. I hate that bitch. Fuck that nigga. Haha, not really. I wish he coulda brought me back some. Hey, smokers, hook a nigga up! PLEEEEEASE.

Saturday, today, I went to the punk show at Sound Idea courtesy of Erin. I must give her VERY BIG THANKS because she drove all the way out to my house, and all the way back after the show. Thank you so much, your kindness was GREATLY appreciated. Anyways, speaking of the show, it kicked major ASS-O-HOL. Oh yes it did. Big Fist rocked my socks, despite some not liking it. I fucking loved it. I say: MORE FUCKING HIPPIE CIRCLES, JERK! Then, Zach and his crazy assed nigga Troy went on and played. They were awesome. Props to Zach and his crew of Troy, Matt, and Monica. Yessir. Then, Sam came on and played with Pete. It fucking ROCKED. God. So good. You missed it, bitch.

Dave is so sexy. Hahaha. Thanks for not talking at me, jerk.

I wanna go out and get drunk and/or stoned. Please contact me if you would like to get me fucked up fo'shizzle. Or not. :[
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Mmmm, baby, please. [14 Mar 2004|05:15pm]
The show last night kicked ass. LGA performed awesomely and I was THRILLED. I couldn't be more happy with those guys, really. I went inside and listened to the LGA demo with Dave, Cam, Robbie, Adam and Hans. It kicked major ass. Much love from my heart goes out to those guys. Then, I delivered art. Then, I enjoyed the show. DFC sucks. The Monistats are okay, but I stayed outside with Aaron and some chick, I think her name is Danielle.

Sound Idea is like heaven for me. Whatta sanctuary.

Nothing has been going on lately. My stepdad turned into a bible thumping yuppy.

My sister is paranoid.

Aaron still isn't at my house.

Mia is gone.

Cameron is fun to talk to.

Dave is watching a DVD

Peter left.

I'm all alone.

The kids are alright.
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[22 Feb 2004|09:02am]
The show last night (at SOUND IDEA-that was for all you fucks that went to AGT/Casualties*AGAIN*)--anyways, the show last night, kicked major ass. I couldn't be happier with LGA's performance. They say they were sloppy, I say they kicked ass. And since this is MY journal, I win. They played Baba O'Reilly and I was excessively amused. I love it when they cover that song. It's great. D.S.A. was up next, and I have to say, I don't really like those kids. I think they were nice people, but their music pretty much sucked. Although I did like how the front man had three different tones of screaming, and once he used all three in a song! I was amazed, but still disgusted. They would have some really good guitar parts, and then go back to shit. I'd say I was in there for about 75% of their show. Then I decided to go outside with the people that agreed that they pretty much sucked. But still, they were definitely nice kids. Dead End Kids next, I'd have to say that's one of the best guest bands since Pork Dukes. I really digged these guys, they played really awesomely, the bass player was hot, and they were funny. Them was good people, yes. Their songs were definitely awesome to jam to. I enjoyed that shit.
Danny cut his hair, for a second, I thought he was Bob. I miss his mohawk already. :[. There was pretty much no one at Sound Idea last night, because of the other show, but it still rocked the casbah. Cutter and Jarrod showed up later, and she had to pee. Haha FUNNY!


Random shit this week:

-I pinched Jenna's ass with stained glass pliers. Then, I put a band-aid on it for her :]

-I stabbed my hand open

-I finished my Led Zep necklace, and since all of you see me, you can see what it looks like, unless of course you already saw it, and said it just looks like a piece of metal >:|

-My sister moved back in

-Aaron is gay {a lot more gay than I am}

-Missy doesn't love me, because she hasn't seen me in like three months. I'm gonna slash my wrists the wrong way!!1!

-Mia's sister sells sex

-Dave Lawnmower is extremely sexy, in his sexy apparel. Haha

-Robbie's hair is nasty :/


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[11 Feb 2004|09:11pm]
Whoever has decided to read this:

I am honestly & seriously thinking about dropping everything and leaving. I mean, I am really close to it. I feel this thing inside pulling me to do it. I feel like it would be this great, gratifying thing to tell everyone: "I'm leaving in the next twenty-four hours. If you never hear from me again, I hope it doesn't affect you at all. If it does, you have my apology." And then go. Go away. And never come back. The idea of it, just makes me want to puke it's so satisfying. But in all seriousness, I am thinking quite hard about it. How long it would take to get sufficient funds to leave, how long they would last, and how I'd be able to make it alone. But, I'm not saying I have to do it alone. If anyone wants to drop this shit and get the hell out, come with me. It's a free ride. Hell, I'll pay for you. I'm serious. I'm getting a job next week, so I can get a ticket on a bus, out. I don't know where I'm going, or how long I'll be gone. But I'm going. That's it. Dropping school? Yep. Dropping friends? Yep. Dropping pretty much everything else? Yep. I'm telling you guys, we only have one life to live, and I'm not gonna waste it by working and going to school. If the fucking pioneers did it, I sure as hell will. I'll grow my own god damn food. I'll steal from the rich. I don't care if I don't eat for a week straight. What's important is never staying any place too long. This world is full of shit I wanna see, and full of places I need to go and full of fun to be had. What God, or power decided that I can't drop my shit and leave? NONE! I WILL NOT BE ANOTHER GEAR IN THE MACHINE! I know this all sounds quite weird.

If you have anything to suggest, or say, your comments are welcome. I urge you to give me an idea of what you think of this. Or, drop me a line if you want to come. I am completely serious.
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Teen angst can suck a dick. [20 Jan 2004|05:39pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

HardRockNinja: Thous hast interupped my slumber!!!
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: I am so sorry. :x
HardRockNinja: You shall pay!
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: HOW MUCH!?
HardRockNinja: $50 in cash tomorrow
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: Haha
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: I only have 45 :[
HardRockNinja: that will do
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: Damn, okay


Okay so. Where should I start? Eh, is there really any point in doing this? None of you give a shit about my day-to-day life. Uhm, that's probably why I don't update too often, huh? Oh god fine. I am feeling this irritation to be in a different place. Let me reiterate a conversation my mom and I had:
Me: I am just tired of being me. I want to go somewhere else, I don't even care if I live to see another day, as long as I don't have to have one more repetitious day.
Mom: Then go. If it will make you happy to get out and seek, then do so, I'm not going to hold you back. Just make sure you send me a post card.
Me: Haha, I would, I would. But are you serious?
Mom: Yeah...if it's what you want, go for it.
So, I'm trying to decide how to drop everything and leave. I know I'm fucking stupid for doing this, but it's just this feeling I have. I need to go, and not being able to go just fuels the fire. I look at my life as the witness, and I see no direction. I have people that love me left and right, but the love cannot ease the ache of needing difference. And I know the cliché saying;"You don't know how good living at home was until you're not there anymore" I know I haven't experienced being on my own yet, but I trust that I will not die, ache, or yearn to come back. Being independent is what I do best. I don't need people to pat me on the back and appreciate me to know I'm a good person. And, I really don't care if no one else cares about me. I don't. I know they don't care, and that's what I find so AWESOME about it. They DON'T CARE. So, it's a mutual not-caring-ness. Looking at my life, I also see that I am causing my own anguish. Me continuing to let myself go on like this makes me feel even worse. I accept life. I accept the difficulties it has handed me and will hand me. I accept that I am who I am, and that only I have the power to change it. I exist as nothing or no one but myself and I accept that. I accept the river, and will not try to dam it up. Never.


The show kicked ass on saturday. Lotsa people missing though. Reckless Deerhunters were awesome. I miss Missy and Aaron, they need to come see me some day. SOME DAY. Jeez. Some retard tried to steal my shoes today. I don't feel like explaining it again. So I won't. If you wanna know, talk to me. God. I love Jenna. She is wonderful. I love Christina too. You guys need to spend the night at my house someday. :). Today sucked. I made an 82 on my Alg II test, and I still suck at it. I need help. I love Led Zeppelin. I love Courtney. I love everyone. Please remember that.


My dad died nine years ago today.
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I moved these two posts to here, cause I said. [28 Dec 2003|12:21pm]
[ mood | content ]

i'm gay.

i have a small penis, and large balls.

mia is my sex icon.

she's so hot.

i can hardly stand it.

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"Let me stroke my beard...beard of WISDOM" [18 Dec 2003|05:19am]
[ mood | cranky ]

You think everyone gives a shit? They don't.

The concert last night sucked ass. It makes me appreciate Sound Idea so much more. You'd never notice how much a rockstar is really into himself til you go to Sound Idea for a long time, and then a big FAMOUS person's concert. I mean the newer age stuff, not like Simon and Garfunkel (we found out later that we could have gone to them, instead) -shoots self- Anyways, Perry Ferrel is a really good dancer, but he's completely into himself. Blech, the aura I caught from that guy was complete and total "I'm full of myself" Oh, and he's a closet gay. No fucker goes around saying "I love pussy! Sweet sweet pussy" Atleast not the way this guy said it. Oh but Dave Navarro...wonderful Dave. He did some REALLY kick ass solos. He would close his eyes and just take in that shit, but he wasn't really feeling the energy. Oh, and some guy behind me had his cock practically up my ass. And yes, THE MASHED POTATOES WERE ON THE FLOOR AFTER THE SHOW.

Oh, and on the way back, we drove at the speed of 2mph for forty minutes because of two pigs. My sisters car overheated like a bitch, we thought it was going to die. It was very cold outside. Fuckin' pigs. GOD.


Sound Idea last saturday was really awesome, Zach's new band did really well for their first show, and I really loved the "Boobies Make The World Go Round" song, it was very funny. And true. Bahaha. The only things I remember about Random Fits were:
-Frontman needed to drink a beer before he went on
-Too much talking
-The bass player was like eight and I could have crushed him with my foot
Reckless Deerhunters, so good. They played Wasted and man people circle pitted like DRUNK GAZELLES or prancing ones, whichever you prefer :P. But, I had to haul ass to the back, holy shit that was scary as fuck. There was no part of the room you wouldn't get hit in. It was inevitable. Great shit. I got nailed in the face. WOOOOO. After the show I got crammed into a really small car. It was fun, but I didn't have a seatbelt on so I was scared of the pigs.


Today is half day, thank all that's holy. I'm so tired. I got three hours of sleep because of that damn concert, that we were forty five minutes late to. :P we got lost :) Before the show we smoked, and what she had was fucking great. I took one hit, and for like an hour I was seeing everything as like a t.v. show. I swear! It was great, it was like I wasn't there, I was watching t.v. the whole time, hahaha. And I got two shots of whiskey during school, and I passed out in second period. Haha, it was cool, I guess. :\

Don't you ever get so angry, that you want to beat the living shit out of something? And scream so hard your eyes turn red? And then proceed to bury yourself in a hole for such a long time people actually start wondering where you are, but eventually forget you existed so that when you emerge, you're left alone to recuperate?

"Only love, can make it rain like the sweat of lovers laying in the fields. Love, reign o'er me"

I have no friends anymore.

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I was feeling as faded as my jeans//Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose [09 Dec 2003|07:15pm]
[ mood | determined ]

({If you haven't felt the spirit of Janis Joplin yet, I suggest you do so.})

I stayed home from school today because I was sick. This happens every quarter before exams, I have no idea why. I hate it, and I wish it wouldn't happen. But last night, I actually did something for my health! I bought womens vitamins! With extra iron! :\. Shutup. I'm feeling especially resentful right now, for reasons that will not be stated. But hey, to that person, fuck you. I'm tired of waiting around, and I'm not doing it anymore. You'll catch on someday. (I know you just shifted your eyes)>:|


I made an awesome cd last night, because I got CD-Rs! FIFTY of them. Aren't you all very happy about that? (All of you = Zach) Anyways, this is the cd:
1. The Doors - Waiting For The Sun
2. The Beatles - A Day In The Life
3. Janis Joplin - Me and My Bobby McGee
4. Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun
5. Simon and Garfunkel - The Sounds Of Silence
6. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama
7. The Fifth Dimension - The Age Of Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In
8. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
9. The Who - Baba O' Reilly
10. The Black Crowes - Shape Of
11. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
12. Deep Purple - Child In Time
13. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Helplessly Hoping

Pretty mellow cd, but kicks a lot of ass. I thank Deleto for Child In Time and Machine Gun :P :D.


Saturday was a lot of fun, LGA played awesomely as usual, and Jeff rocked on the mic for Trendy and Time To Die!. I'd like to say thanks for that, because I know he did that against his will. Show some gratitude people! The acapella Black Flag had to be the best part, I was so amazed, but had to laugh because they were all so into it, and not everyone knew all the words, but still, it rocked my cock off, and I thank everyone for that. Hahaha...
I miss Missy and Aaron. I don't know why, they're such jerks. Haha :P Just kidding. They know I love them :)

I don't have any money for christmas. My mom already got my presents, and that saddens me, I seriously didn't want anything. I have nothing I want. I'm not a materialistic person. I enjoy new clothes, only because I know they fit better. But it's not a necessity. I dunno, I guess you don't understand.


I need to find more music enthusiasts. It makes me sad that I feel so alone for only one reason. Not even the only person I have left to talk to in the world, understands that head rush music can give me. I don't think anyone will understand and appreciate music (of my taste) as much as I. I have been told on more than one occasion I am a rare sort, but I seek that other person. I need to talk to someone that understands. I need to, because keeping all this soul-flying explosion, harvested to myself hurts. Now I bow my head in shame.

"He runs, wishing he could fly, only to trip at the sound of 'goodbye'"

I bid you goodnight.
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I am yours, you are mine, you are what you are. [04 Dec 2003|08:10pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I must confess quite a few things to you tonight. But some things will be kept to certain individuals, simply to that/those individual(s) that understand(s) what I'm talking about more so than others. If that makes any kind of sense? :P

I am having very weird psychic abilities lately, and I'm so dead serious. I'm not a witch, I'm not an angel, I'm not anything. A mild example of my psychic ability: This morning I was walking down my bus lane and I got this picture in my head of Zach telling me about how he missed the bus. I get to school, find out he's not there, ask Thomas and it turns out, Zach has missed the bus. I don't like the idea of coincidence, simply because it doesn't appeal to the idea of psychic abilities. Am I a Frank Roosevelt or what? I am so into suspense and never knowing what's next, but this, this is wonderful. I hope to learn how to strengthen it atleast a little bit. I hear that incense can subliminally make your psychic mind stronger. I have been burning a lot of bamboo fig and Lavender lately. I wish I had more cinnamon, it's my favorite :(.


I am very tired and I have some project thingy due tomorrow that I don't want to do. Also, I'm failing english because I didn't turn in my shit on time, but I can bring it up easy. The test today was ad nauseam it was so easy. Post mortem, I will proceed to watch you bathe. My sister is here and she needs help with her car. If anyone knows anyone that can fix cars (mustangs) then PLEEEEEASE send them our way, we're willing to pay for labor. But the person needs to be experienced and shit. No use banging on my sisters engine with a hammer, it won't do anything.


I guess that's about it. I'm sorry to have bored you with all that. Ever notice how I delete entries if people don't comment on them? I dunno, I hate the idea of writing to myself, it weirds me out. I've never been good at keeping journals. I need response because: I'M INSECURE and I admit it. I'm working on my mind. Expect me to be one or all of the following:
-Absent minded
-Up and down
-More content
-licking my emotional void; my hole that music pours salt on

"We're nerds that hate everything"<- Funniest thing I've seen all day.

Missy, where are my pictures?! ;[

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Eees how you Amereekuhns sey, "Mastorbahtjuhn"? [30 Nov 2003|02:44am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I have a shitload to talk about, lemme try to sum it up.

Thursday: Went to my Gramma's and got ridiculed. I talked about some of my favorite bands because I mentioned that I'm GOING to the Subhumans show (that's Unwenschens in German) and my uncle asked what kind of music it is, and I told him anarchy-punk. He asked me all these anarchy questions, and I told him about Aaron. Well, I ended up rigorously and successfully defending our noble friend Aaron and all is well. =D

Friday: I got a shitload of "Happy Birthday" 's and I also got 70 bucks, a ticket to JANES ADDICTION!!!! A Ramones cd from Kenneth, some cheesecake (Which is up for grabs by anyone that wants to gain 300 fat calories a slice) and Rebecca came and got me and we went to the movies to see Gothika. Turns out that movie scared the piss outta me. Grrrr...then I proceeded to make brownies at one in the morning. It was fun, I baked them with love and they know it. Even though Missy's were more dry than Aarons ;[.

Saturday: I went out to dinner with my mom at Outback and had a blast with her. I talked about my sister and Eric. Those two are gay. I hate them. Haha. Anyways, then I went to the show and I was SO excited MSP was gonna play. Then I see Bob behind drums and setting up, and I fucking KNEW it was gonna be John Madden. Not that I absolutely hate John Madden, I just get bored with them fast. Same set every time in different order. But that's okay, I still have love for them as people. I gave Josh a massage. Got massaged (I LOVE YOU!) and I almost died. It's ecstasy in his hands I swear. Oh and I smoked. Zach got me Simon and Garfunkel!!!! AHHH! THANK YOU!!!K!@NJKL!J@!@! Then I went and fell asleep at Hops. Oh, and Phil decided to torment me. Haha, I love that guy, he's hilarious. He kept telling me to get socks. He's going with us to Janes Addiction! He already got tickets! All the people at Beth's job told me Happy Birthday, I was so excited. Hahaha. What's a saturday night without my sister and the gang at Hops!? :P I got home fifteen minutes ago and I'm tired and I just got done eating leftovers. I wanna bone.

The end. I'm sorry that was so long.

Oh, yeah, ATTN SOULMATE: Please contact me when you realize that I'm your soulmate, cause you love CCR as much as I do. :P ;[ :\ I'm retarded. :D

"They are one person
They are two alone
They are three together
They are for each other"

EDIT: I was in the packed car Missy was driving. I gave her brownies. Lauren is a sweet kid. Katy is fucking crazy. She says fuck a lot. Haha. Mia ran out in front of a car and it had to swerve. It was funny, me and Katy could smell burnt rubber. Good shit. Also, try explaining to someone how if something on the hardrock live floor gets wet, it turns to something like mashed potatoes.
"Is this some kind of ritual of turning something on the floor to mashed potatoes after it gets wet?"

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I whacked off last night. [27 Nov 2003|11:14am]
[ mood | sick ]


I'm not gonna say which particular people I'm thankful for, I'm just gonna say, I love all you motherfuckers more than you can comprehend, and that's the truth. Have a wonderful day with your families and EAT UNTIL YOU BUST!!!!!!!!!

If you're not having a good day today, I'm really sorry and I hope it gets better. =D

P.S."When it's over, so they say, It'll rain a sunny day,
I know; Shinin' down like water."
You name that song, and the band, and you have my proposal of marriage.

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MEEEEEP! [23 Nov 2003|02:05am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Okay so tonight was the SHOOOOWWWWWW. How I love Sound Idea..How I love LGA...How I love buying drinks at Walgreens. So friday I stayed home from school and I finished my got damn paper. Then my mom got all pissy and was trying to say I couldn't go out on saturday because I was so 'tired'. True, but I got my rest, and now I'm ready to hop on the lame foot and exclaim. Or whatever! I went Christmas shopping with Beth on friday, too. It was good stuff, I fell asleep right next to her floor heater as she was decorating her tree and shit. We bought pizza, it was the most great thing ever. Mmmm pizza. Mmmmm stuffed crust.


The show kicked ass, CAN I GET A 'GOD DAMN' FOR LGA!? LGA did a BEEEAAAUUTIFUL set and I really love The Who cover they did. Gotta love Baba O' Reilly. The CCR cover kicked ass too, everyone knows the words. I didn't feel like screaming them, but I did sing..GO ME! Dave did a good job with the violin parts, if I'm not mistaken. I'm pretty sure it was him though. I wasn't able to get up front for them, because Pete couldn't break the twenty. BLLEEEHHH. I hate twenties. I only stayed in for like three John Madden songs, because some dude decided to annihilate my foot while circle pitting. I love watching those people, they look like they're having so much fun. The Pork Dukes kicked my ass. They were pretty really good. I loved how they had a really smooth, and mellow classic sound. I'd have to say a mix of The Rolling Stones annnnnd...maybe a hint of The Doors but with hrmmm..I can't even describe it. I suck. Fuck you! Anyways..after it was over I almost got stranded. But, beings how I didn't wanna sit in the cold dark alone for three hours, I asked Monika [sp?] for a ride to Hops. Ahh, the love I have for that girl for taking me. Good shit! Josh went with us, he cracked a few jokes and sang. It was awesome.


Tonight (Fuck you, it's saturday until I see the sun. >:|) I'm going to continue my small talk with Josh, think about dilating pupils [HA HA] and probably digest more food and then go to sleep. I bid you all farewell. And don't forget. In literal time, it's only one business week until my birthday. And I will be all alone with my brother, and possibly my stepdad. Anyone want me?

You know you LOOOOOVE me. It's cause I'm so damn funny.:P

..actually..I'm not funny at all.

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A nullified prognosis, is ALWAYS what you get. [14 Nov 2003|08:29am]
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So I stayed home. Not cause I wanted to, I seriously thought I'd be okay if I went to school, feeling as shitty as I do. But my mom told me no. Because the list of me feeling bad, is a little long (and boring) but how I did it, I have no idea. How come I'm chronically sick? Is there ever a time I'm not coughing? Or sniffling? Fuck all that! I'm sick of being sick.

But to enlighten you, I'll tell you exactly what's wrong with me TODAY. Starting with yesterday. Yesterday I felt bad all day. I couldn't stop feeling shitty. Oh well, fuck you. So then I came home, and I didn't feel like talking to anyone. And a big I'm Sorry goes out to Jeff. I went to bed early, only to lay there in pain for awhile. I woke up this morning and my body had kicked my ass raw during the night.

I took a shower, realized I wasn't getting better, got back into my pajamas and laid on a heating pad. My back hurts, my ankle swelled up, I have blisters on my feet that are killing me. I have a nagging cough and my sinuses are giving me a nice headache. And the frosting on my cake is my right hip and my ribs are bruised on the muscle. I'm in a lot of pain. I need drugs, but I feel bad taking my moms. She needs them more than I do. So I'm not touching them.

Anyways. I'm gonna rest all day and try to get better. I'm NOT missing the show saturday. I gotta be there, I don't wanna miss it. I have a ride there, but not home. If anyone knows anyone to give me a ride to Hops afterward, that would be badass. Thank you and have a wonderful day. :P

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Jump off a building. [08 Nov 2003|10:29pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Fuck you. No, literally!

I don't care.

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Your Little One Night Stand [01 Nov 2003|04:25pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

So last night was Halloween. And MAN did that kick a SHITLOAD OF ASS. Holy shit man. Aahhhh...I can't get over the greatness of it. If it got any greater, I would have passed out from being overwhelmed by greatness.

First I went to Zach's house after school, and chilled there and talked to some guy, I don't remember his name. He was pretty funny, but just a little bit stoned (more like a lot). But anyways, then Zach's mom drove us to Zach's work of McDonalds, and I chilled and wrote shit. For two hours. I was cold.

Then we went to Sound Idea. And OH MAN did that kick a whole lotta ass. I couldn't believe how awesome it was. Oh man...I just soaked it all in, despite me being awfully tired [not as tired as SOME] but yes, tired. I saw the tail end of The Dirty Sluts, and Danny looked funny as hell in a beautiful purple skirt. Funny shit. Then I think Jethro and The Bodines went on, and they kicked ass as usual.Justin's mike sucked ass, because I could barely hear him, and he was tearin the song up in a good way. I don't remember who was after that, I think it was John Madden, but I wasn't in there for that. I stayed outside and mingled with some cool people. Then LGA went on and HOL-EE SHIT THEY KICKED ASS. It's amazing to watch people play their instruments, because it's just so I dunno, amazing..and stuff. Haha. Yeah. But LGA did kick a shitload of ass, props to those guys for an AWESOME job. Then The Runnamucks came on, and OH MY FUCK they kicked ass. I neeeeeeed a cd or something, because they kicked my ass and left me with a bloody nose. People were going nuts for LGA and Runnamucks. I was insanely happy.

Then I came home and I was tired. I went to sleep. I woke up and thought it was sunday for a second, then I was like OOOOH YEAAAHHH!!!! IT'S NOT!

Times Roger has touched the ass: |

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Could life get anymore mushy? [28 Oct 2003|06:34pm]
[ mood | drained ]

So I had a pretty dumb weekend. I hung around the house, whoop dee doo. A day in the life of Courtney: Bore-a-Thon to the MAX. Anyways, On friday, I did nothing. Saturday I scatterbrainededly looked for a ride to Sound Idea. Didn't get one. Fuck that. Yeah, then I moped around feeling left out and pissy because I couldn't go to Sound Idea, or Guavaween. No fair, but oh well,I lived to see the horrors of Sunday. Sunday was just fucking boring. What can you do?


I was bored and PMSing all day today. My cramps haven't gone away, and I'm really tired and sore. Not only in my back, but on my ass. Thanks to Zach and his love for slapping my ass. Ass-bruise, here I come. I think he takes sick pleasure outta my half-laugh-half cry. It is pretty funny, I admit.

Something is going on, but I don't know what. I spent today being an emotional wreck. I know what's going on, but I don't. Crawl into my brain for full details, cause I'm not saying anything about anything or ANYONE. Because that's just not my style. Not only that, I am tired of being alone. I really am sick of being emotionally lonely in that "way" whatever the hell that means. I don't need sympathy, fool, I need a MAN. Roar. :o(. Hatred. I ate your body, drank your blood.

I hate my ex boyfriend. What a fucking dork. He sends me pictures of his ass-ugly girlfriend, in hopes that I am jealous. Didn't work. I can't be jealous of two ass-ugly people kissing. I think kissing is a beautiful thing, between anyone, but not someone that treated me like shit and his dyke. Haha, yeah. I sent him pictures of all my friends. How interesting. I dunno. I hate him, what can I say. I don't even know why he's attempting to talk to me again. We have nothing in common anymore, and I can't keep conversation rolling. It's because he has his head stuck up his dickhole. That is all.


P.S. the mood icon thing sucks. I feel a mix of confusion, disappointment, embarrassed, giddy, wishful, and contemplative.
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GOD I HATE POP UPS. FUCK YOU!!!! [23 Oct 2003|10:45pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I've finally decided to make a full-fledged list of EVERY guy (mainly rockstars) whose bone, I would mos-def JUMP. If you don't know what jumping of the bone means, it means I would fuck him so hard up a wall, just because I lust him greatly. Haha, I'm a dirty slut.
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Today was stupid...I hated it. Zach didn't go to school *mutter mutter* and I bitched him out when I got home. I told Aaron and Missy that I'm moving to Polynesia, where I will eat Polynesian bananas and fuck "well hung polynesian Aaron trees" haha..you'd have to be there to understand..*shakes head*

My back hurts, you FUCKERS.

Uhm...k...I Hatred.LOVEEEEEEE <33333 you. HAHA.

-Your forever faithful, and vomit inducing, Prison Twat.

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